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Troll Hunter

Troll Hunter
2010 | 103 min | Horror, Drama, Fantasy | Norway | Director: André Øvreda | Cast: Otto Jespersen, Glenn Erland Tosterud, Johanna Mørck | Language: Norwegian with English subtitles

An adventurous fusion of folklore and fantasy with a documentary-style narrative, Troll Hunter incorporates stunning natural landscapes and utilizes visual effects to bring mythical trolls to life. Blending seamlessly with handheld camera footage, it provides a fresh and immersive experience for viewers.

The story revolves around Hans, a secretive government-employed troll hunter who is responsible for maintaining the troll population and protecting the public. Initially skeptical about their existence, a group of student filmmakers gradually discover the truth about trolls and their presence in the Norwegian countryside. As they join forces with Hans, they encounter various species of trolls and witness the danger and complexity of his job.

Offering an entertaining and fresh take on the fantasy and creature genres, Troll Hunter delivers a unique blend of documentary-style storytelling, folklore, and impressive visual effects to cleverly integrate traditional Scandinavian troll mythology into a contemporary setting, creating a believable and intriguing world.

Embellishes the candid, caught-on-video format to thrilling effect with ample footage of its mythological monsters.
Best Visual Effects, Public Choice Award, Amanda Awards 2011
Directors to Watch, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2011