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15+ (exemption)

The Land of Short Sentences

Meter i sekundet
The Land of Short Sentences
Australian Premiere
2023 | 106 min | Comedy | Denmark | Director: Hella Joof | Cast: Sofie Torp, Thomas Hwan, Anders Agger, Lotte Andersen, Maria Rossing, Christian Tafdrup | Language: Danish with English subtitles

Directed by Danish comedy queen Hella Joof (Happy Ending SCA19) and based on the bestselling and award-winning eponymous novel by Stine Pilgaard, The Land of Short Sentences is a warm-hearted modern comedy about belonging and community. 

When the love of her life, Rasmus (Thomas Hwan, Persona Non Grata SCA21), takes on a teaching job at a local school in West Jutland, Denmark, Marie’s (Sofie Torp, A Taste of Hunger SCA22) life is turned upside down. Rather unwillingly, Marie agrees to join Rasmus in the move from her beloved Copenhagen to the windy West Jutland town, Velling. 

While Rasmus immediately adapts to the local ways, Marie experiences a culture shock, finding her social skills depleted, and time and time again she proves herself a misfit to the locals. But, as she slowly learns to listen more and talk less, she comes to realise that she might need the small community as much as Velling needs her – and her advice column for the local newspaper.

Makes you feel, laugh, cry and shout.