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Shadow Island

Shadow Island
Australian Premiere
2023 | 90 min | Thriller | Sweden | Director: Johan Storm | Cast: Johan L. Heinstedt, Anderz Eide, Hanne Mathisen Haga, Magnus Roosmann | Language: Swedish, Norwegian with English subtitles

Featuring a cast of up-and-coming talent, Shadow Island is a pulse-pounding Nordic noir thriller sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

An aspiring meteorologist, David (Johan L. Heinstedt) follows his late father’s footsteps in the Swedish military. After stumbling upon what is left of his father’s work, he sets off to a deserted lighthouse island in the Barents Sea – the one place which may hold the truth about his father’s passing. 

Confronted by strange lights in the dark, eerie radio disturbances, and a hidden cave, David begins to question whether or not he is really alone on the island. Then one day a female voice calls out over the otherwise silent radio – a stranger trying to reach him. From that moment on, events take a turn and David’s search for truth sparks his spiraling descent into a much larger conspiracy. 

An intense maelstrom of paranoia and mystery, this debut film from director Johan Storm is a windswept noir thriller that will leave you questioning everything.

Lives up to its title and transports you into a shadowy world in which it is easy to get lost.
Film Rezensionen
Goteborg Film Festival 2023
Fantasy Filmfest Germany 2023