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Pretty Young Thing
World Premiere

Pretty Young Thing


Boasting a stellar ensemble cast with some of Denmark’s most promising young talent, including Andrea Heick Gadeberg (Riders of Justice), Sylvester Byder (Deliver Us), Albert Rudbeck (Another Round) and Karoline Hamm (Equinox), coming-of-age drama Pretty Young Thing follows six teenage boys and girls whose personal boundaries are challenged at their new school.

It’s a new school year and at Rosenholm High School there are many initiation rituals that the new first-year students must go through, which are of great importance for their future life in high school, not least for their personal life.

Best friends and freshmen Frida and Selma quickly become friends with another first-year student Nadja. When Frida catches feelings for Nadja’s older boyfriend Emil and is invited to the ritual party for first-year students but Selma is not, their friendship starts to fall apart.

Written by award-winning scriptwriter Line Mørkeby (When the Dust Settles) and directed by Tilde Harkamp (Hunting Season), Pretty Young Thing delves into the Danish high school tradition of freshman dinners, where third-year boys ask first-year girls to boozy dinner parties, and explores party culture, sexualisation and youth's search for identity.

World Premiere
18+ (exemption)
Tilde Harkamp
Andrea Heick Gadeberg, Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt, Sylvester Byder
2022 | 95 min | Denmark | Drama | Danish with English subtitles