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18+ (exemption)

One Day All This Will Be Yours

En dag kommer allt det här bli ditt
One Day All This Will Be Yours
Australian Premiere
2023 | 105 min | Drama | Sweden | Director: Andreas Öhman | Cast: Karin Franz Körlof, Filip Berg, Peter Haber, Liv Mjönes Vilhelm Blomgren, Eero Milonoff, Alma Pöysti, Oona Airola | Language: Swedish with English subtitles

Combining offbeat personalities with heartfelt Scandinavian sentiment, Andreas Öhman’s second feature One Day All This Will Be Yours is a feel-good dramedy about dysfunctional family dynamics and facing the past. 

Successful cartoonist Lisa (Karin Franz Körlof, A Serious Game) and her siblings reunite at their parents’ farm in Norrland, Sweden for the first time in over ten years. A stark contrast to the bustle of her adopted Stockholm, the family farm is the down-to-earth rural Swedish north. 

When their parents announce that only one of their children will inherit the forested land, which has been in the family’s possession for generations, the siblings are faced with a dilemma. Who is willing to move back home again in order to claim the inheritance? But things that are buried in their past are bound to complicate matters and, for Lisa, the visit brings past trauma bubbling to the surface.

Featuring animated characters interacting with the live ones and beautifully balancing laughter and emotional moments, this is a quirky story of growing up and coming home.

A finely tuned take on the lighter and darker sides of family dynamics.
Göteborg Film Festival 2023
Best Performance (Karin Franz Körlof), Seattle International Film Festival 2023