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18+ (exemption)


Australian Premiere
2023 | 100 min | Biopic, Historical Drama | Norway | Director: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken | Cast: Alfred Ekker Strande, Mattis Herman Nyquist, Ola G. Furuseth, Anne Krigsvoll | Language: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, English with English subtitles

A gripping dramatisation of Edvard Munch's life, sumptuous biopic Munch depicts four defining periods in his life, providing an intimate insight into a distinctive and unique artistic mind. 

Over four different eras, Alfred Ekker Strande, Mattis Herman Nyquist, Ola G. Furuseth and Anne Krigsvoll each interpret Edvard Munch in various vignettes of his often-troubled life, exploring his confusion, loneliness, passion and insatiable desire to drink. 

Seen from the artist’s own perspective, Munch follows the young Edvard Munch's first love with a married woman; his defeat as an artist after his first exhibition in Berlin is rejected; and his dramatic admission to a nerve clinic in Copenhagen, where he is forced to make the biggest and most decisive choice of his life. In the final phase of his life, he fights to save his artistic heritage from the Nazis during the war. 

An experimental, impressionistic drama presented like an exhibition by director Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken, Munch moves between different camera aesthetics and aspect ratios to give the viewer four contrasting visual impressions.

Brave and ambitious biopic reflecting the many faces of Norway’s most famous expressionist artist.
Best Nordic Film, Göteborg Film Festival 2023
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023