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Director's Cut
2019 | 171 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Folk, Horror | USA, Sweden | Director: Ari Aster | Cast: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgren, Will Poulter | Language: English, Swedish with English subtitles

Writer/Director Ari Aster’s entry into the Folk Horror genre delivers a spellbinding travelogue into a waking cinematic nightmare.

The story revolves around a young woman named Dani (in a career making performance from Florence Pugh) who is dealing with a recent family tragedy. She decides to accompany her boyfriend Christian and his friends on a trip to Sweden to attend a midsummer festival at a remote commune called Hårga. Initially, the group is intrigued by the seemingly idyllic and picturesque setting of the commune. However, as the festival unfolds, the characters begin to realise the sinister and disturbing rituals taking place within the community.

Presented in extended Director’s Cut form, the film explores themes such as grief, trauma, codependency, and toxic relationships. It delves into the psychological deterioration of the characters and the blurred lines between cultural traditions, personal beliefs, and mental health. Visually, the film is known for its bright and vibrant cinematography, which contrasts with the dark and disturbing subject matter. Midsommar offers a bold take on classic folk horror elements, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian folklore and pagan rituals delivering a haunting piece of elevated horror.

Midsommar tests not only its players but its viewers: it’s a ride, however, that any lover of cinema should take
Virtuoso Award, Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2020
Top Ten Independent Films, National Board of Review 2019
Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie, Critics Choice Awards 2020