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18+ (exemption)

Love Proof

Love Proof
Australian Premiere
2022 | 95 min | Drama, Thriller | Sweden | Director: Richard Hobert | Cast: Rolf Lassgård, Livia Millhagen, Hedda Rehnberg | Language: Swedish with English subtitles

After twenty years of marriage, Thomas (a maginifcent Rolf Lassgård, A Man called Ove) and Marie (Livia Millhagen) are getting divorced. They must meet one last time to empty and sell their summer house as part of the divorce settlement, but neither one of them knows the other’s real intentions. 

At their final meeting, young woman Liz (Hedda Rehnberg) suddenly appears with a jealousy-driven agenda of her own. What was supposed to be a civilised end to a longstanding marriage turns into a game of cat and mouse as the minutes tick by. With a mirage of calmness, the tension begins rising and lies start piling up, until the shattering weekend turns everything in their lives upside down. 

Revolving around a main theme of desire, in life, in passion and in revenge, this elegant psychological thriller written and directed by the seasoned Richard Hobert mixes a love triangle with dark humour and ever-rising tension for a charming drama with sudden and unexpected turns.

It is poignant, magnificent and impactful.
Mansson Kultur
Norwegian International Film Festival 2022