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A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust

Ingen kender dagen

On a perfectly ordinary late-summer day, the lives of five unrelated people are turned upside down. A husband, a doctor, a wife, a student and a young daughter are unsuspectingly put on a collision course with each of their fateful crossroads.

In the search for love, identity and moral gauge, they all risk the most precious aspect of life - trust. But trust is vulnerable and the consequences will be irreversible, forbidden and embarrassingly amusing.

This spellbinding ensemble drama stars Trine Dyrholm (also in Margrete – Queen of the North), EFP Shooting Star winner Jakob Cedergreen (The Guilty), Morten Hee Andersen (also in Margrete – Queen of the North) and new talents Sofie Juul Blinkenberg, Ellen Rovsing Knudsen and Emil Aron Dorph. Directed by talented Danish director and writer Annette K. Olesen (Borgen) and based on five short stories adapted for screen by Olesen and Maren Louise Käehne, this drama seamlessly splices together the stories and their themes.

A moving, unpredictable and deeply felt collection of powerful narratives, A Matter of Trust is a tender and true portrait of trust in modern relationships.

18+ (exemption)
Annette K. Olesen
Trine Dyrholm, Jakob Cedergren, Morten Hee Andersen
2022 | 105 min | Denmark | Drama | Danish with English subtitles, English
Tribeca Film Festival 2022